WeArt exhibition, November 2021

The first real event put on by our club was the exhibition at the office, “Artists among us”, running from 12 November to 3 December 2021. Here is a small collection of images from the afternoon of 11 November when we set up the exhibition, and from 18 November, when we formally inaugurated the exhibition.

Putting on sensible shoes

Checking the floor plan

Carmen’s paintings

But they need some attention…

…more attention


Playing by the rules

The President

It’s not all flat stuff on the wall

Lila and Christophe’s beautiful ceramics

Carmen’s paintings, now hanging straight

Little cute man by Christophe

All set up: Coro, Anna, Christophe

Eri’s tango paintings and Coro’s still life

Inauguration day: our first visitor!

Artists I

Artists and visitors

Eri, Charo, Christophe


More posing

Posing, but not for me

Kari speaks, people listen

Lila explains her work

Lila with her art

All Greek

Inauguration speech