Learning to draw

On 29 March, a group of budding illustrators came together for a lunchtime workshop led by our own great painter, Carmen. It took place in the social clubs room at the office, and I was there with my camera to document the activity.

Ready to learn

Carmen explains the philosophy–this is not just about putting pen to paper!

A relaxed moment


Timing the exercise

Carmen suggest a good reference book on drawing

Carmen explains the next exercise…

Listening attentively

The exercise: the objects are covered, and the participants are to draw them from memory, in a couple of minutes

Véronique, hard at work

Konstantina, Eri and Kaisa, also hard at work

Carmen supervises the proceedings

All covered up

Kari, drawing from memory

Kaisa, also drawing from memory

Final touch

Uncovering the objects

What have we done?

Analysis 1

Analysis 2

Véronique has the final word in this post!